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Who we are

Our philosophy is simple beauty, timeless design and enduring quality.  A freshly cut lawn; a real wooden floor; a clean, crisp cotton sheet; often simpler is better - an ethos which underpins all our collections.  You won't find any fancy embellishments on any of our products.  The qualities of our fabrics speak for themselves; no garnish necessary.  The most we'll add is a neat row of embroidery or stitching to enhance the natural beauty.

With that in mind, we're delighted to launch the first of our new collections.

Pure Linen Collection

If you've ever slept in linen bedding, it's quite likely you've been "converted".  Therefore, you'll understand our love of this wonderful fabric. 

Laying in pure linen is like getting a gentle embrace.  Linen is soft, breathable and absorbent.  The same thermo-regulating properties that keep you cool in summer, trap your body heat to keep you warm in winter.  As linen isn't chemically treated, it's also hypoallergenic and eco-friendly.  Furthermore, linen is more durable than cotton, and actually gets even softer the more it's used.  The list of linen's qualities goes on and on. 

European linen is renowned for its superior quality.  Our Pure Linen bedding is made from the finest French and Belgian flax, expertly woven in Portugal.  We're very proud of it.  Check out our Pure Linen Collection.

Luxury Cotton Collection

EARL Luxury Cotton

The starting point in producing premium cotton bed linen, is the quality of the yarn (or thread).  We source the finest long staple cottons, such as Egyptian cottons, which are woven into high-quality fine yet durable yarns.

Next comes the weave.  Our luxury cotton range uses a sateen weave, which creates an ultra-smooth, silky fabric that retains the reassuring warmth and practicality of cotton.  We've selected a 300 thread-count for our collection, as it's the perfect mid-point at which the fabric is beautifully soft and smooth, yet still launders and lasts well - unlike higher thread counts.

Finally, the finishing.  From plain white, to single row cord, to intricately beautiful stitching; all of our bed linen ranges are finished to the highest standards, and made exclusively for us in Portugal.  Take a look at our Luxury Cotton Collection.

Coming soon: our Super Soft Washed Cotton Collection.  Sign up to our newsletter below to stay up to date.

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